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Company Law Litigation

Unfairly Prejudicial Conduct and Remedies If Unfairly Prejudicial Conduct is established, what remedies are available to the shareholder making the claim? The court has been given very wide discretion under s 996(1) Companies Act 2006: The…

Business partner breakdown of formal and informal agreements

What are your options? What are your rights? Unfairly Prejudicial Conduct explained. In closely held companies in which directors and shareholders have agreed to conduct the company’s business operations in a certain way based on mutual…

Going Public or Staying Private?

A business decision with legal conditions and consequences In the United Kingdom, the majority of companies are set up as private limited companies (Ltd). As private limited companies grow, however, shareholders and directors often consider…

Immigration and Nationality Areas of Work

As a firm, we undertake a reasonable amount of immigration work, however not in every area of this subject. Immigration and nationality law cover a large field of work.

Neighbour Disputes – Private and Public Law Rights

There is a distinction between private and public law rights.  This is something which non-lawyers do not always appreciate. PUBLIC LAW RIGHTS These are items such as the need to obtain planning permission to get relevant development, the…

The effect of existing employment non competition covenants

This is a preliminary note and is no substitution for the taking of detailed legal advice. However, this article does provide focus to one of the potential key issues which may arise when an employee is setting up his/her own business in competition to the business of his former employer.

How to minimize stress in the workplace when a job deadline approaches

This Article has been prepared for our website by Ryan Rivera, who has published articles on the internet about Anxiety Disorder.

Compromise Agreements – a preliminary note to employees

Compromise agreements are a relatively common way of ending an employment relationship. Under the terms of the Agreement, the employee receives a lump sum payment, and the agrees to accept the money in settlement of all claims past, present or future which the employee has or may possess as against the employer, any group company or any officer or staff member.

Company Directors/Bank and other Guarantees

I would at first mention that I have been providing advice in relation to Bank and other guarantees for many years. This is both in relation to the initial giving of the guarantees and also the defence of legal claims brought under such guarantees.

Debt collection by small businesses

SKELETON NOTES IN RELATION TO DEBT COLLECTION BY SMALL BUSINESSES Preliminary note by Lawrence Rodkin, Partner, Simons Rodkin Litigation Solicitors, Bloomsbury London W1 and Finchley London N12 These notes set out some issues concerning…