Unfairly Prejudicial Conduct and Remedies

If Unfairly Prejudicial Conduct is established, what remedies are available to the shareholder making the claim? The court has been given very wide discretion under s 996(1) Companies Act 2006: The court “may grant such order as it thinks fit for giving relief in respect of matters complained of.” Specific remedies are provided in section 996(2) CA 2006:

(a)        regulate the company’s affairs in the future;

(b)       restrain or compel a particular act – dismissal of a director; payment of dividends

(c)        authorise legal proceedings to be commenced on behalf of the company;

(d)       prevent the company from altering articles without the court’s permission

(e)  order purchase of shares

The most common remedy is (e), otherwise known as a ‘share buyout’ or purchase order, which gives the petitioner the option to exit and recover his investment at a fair price, with a complex set of rules surrounding the method of valuing the petitioner’s shares.

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