Injuries at work

What we do
We are experienced in handling all types of injury claims. We understand the difficulties and frustrations people face after being involved in accidents. We handle claims in a sensitive manner and do our best to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible. Our thorough approach means that we take the trouble to explore aspects of a claim which are easily overlooked.

We push where others stop. We were at the forefront of the legal action taken against the UK Government to bring about changes to the Motor Insurer’s Bureau Agreements to ensure victims of ‘hit and run’ incidents were treated more fairly. We don’t just handle claims where it was someone else’s fault entirely. We can recover compensation for you even in cases where you might have been partly to blame.

What we don’t do
Unfortunately it has become common today for personal injury claims to be handled in a factory-processed style by faceless organisations based a long distance from their clients, with day to day work being carried out by unqualified personnel, and little opportunity for the client to speak regularly with a solicitor. Our personal approach means that your claim is handled by a qualified solicitor with whom you can meet or call to discuss your claim.


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Keep informed by joining us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn


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020 7112 8841

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