Preliminary note by Lawrence Rodkin, Partner, Simons Rodkin Litigation Solicitors, Bloomsbury London W1 and Finchley London N12

These notes set out some issues in relation to insolvency finance.

What is insolvency finance?

This is finance raised in the context of an insolvency process.

Typically this would be where a person has been adjudicated bankrupt, and wishes to apply to the Court to annul (rescind) the bankruptcy; or it may be raised to secure money in the defence of a bankruptcy petition.

It is normally not possible to raise such money through normal sources, such as High Street Banks or Building Societies.

There are a number of specialist lenders, who entertain this type of finance.

They normally need to be approached by a Financial Broker.

Insolvency/Annulment Finance

We are able to introduce you if you wish, to a Financial Broker; who is experienced in raising this type of finance.

Please contact us for details of the Financial Broker and also to discuss your case, initially on the telephone. There will be no charge for this call.

These are bullet point’s notes only. Please do not hesitate to contact my firm for further detailed advice.

Lawrence Rodkin is a partner of Simons Rodkin Litigation Solicitors,, with offices in Bloomsbury, London WC1 and Finchley London N12, telephone 0207 112 8841



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